About Raghda

Raghda was born and bred in Egypt until the age of 24 when she packed her life and moved to Dubai seeking an adventurous life. Discovering yoga in 2014 during her first trip to India where she spent couple of month travelling through the north part of India. Raghda went back again to India a year after and did her 200 hours yoga teacher training in the Himachal Pradesh, followed by the 300 hrs Brahmani yoga course in Goa. Since then Raghda has been teaching actively and extending her knowledge to her student through a very dynamic vinyasa flows. Raghda dedicates her teaching and her practice to help spread joy and compassion to all - making yoga accessible through a safe and uplifting environment.


Group Classes
136.1 Yoga studio
Tuesday 07.00
Thursdays and Fridays 18.00
Trident Bay tower, Dubai Marina
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Community Classes
Raghda teaches a complimentary class at Lululemon stores once a month at each locations, as well as her very preowned community class every Friday at 10 am at JLT park.
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Private Classes
Private classes are ideal for anyone who wants to personalize their practice , as well as beginners who wants to learn the fundamentals before joining wider group classes .
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